Fischman Liquors and Tavern Announces Closure

Fischman Liquors and Tavern Announces Closure
Chicago's favorite craft beer emporium set to pour its last pint this July

CHICAGO, May 2, 2016/Fischman Liquors and Tavern/- Fischman Liquors and Tavern, a staple of the Jefferson Park community, has announced that the business, which includes a tavern and an attached liquor store, will be closing on or around July 17th, 2016.

Purchased by the Karamaniolas family in 1996, Fischman Liquors has since then been a family owned business focused on being a community location. For the past several years, the business has been driven by Gus and Shanna Karamaniolas, who took the business over from his father. Unfortunately, taking over the business did not mean taking over ownership of the actual property.

Focused on expanding the business to provide not only the community, but the city with a destination for great craft beer and friendly service, Fischmans was slated to open a restaurant, beer garden and much more. Due to internal family struggles over the nature and expansion of the business, the vision shared by Gus and his wife Shanna was consistently faced with road blocks beyond their control.

Recently celebrating the 20th Anniversary, and plans for several craft beer and community focused events, the road blocks have taken their toll. Unfortunately, the closing of Fischmans also means canceling our annual Kegs for Kidneys event.  This yearly event, which was created on behalf of Izzy, the niece of Gus and Shanna, has raised over $25,000 for the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois since its inception in 2012.

While the decision to close has been made, it was a struggle.  The love and support from everyone who has ever been to Fischmans has weighed heavy on the hearts of Gus and Shanna. Taking the bar, which was once seen as a "shot and a beer joint”, into a location known not only for a great beer selection, but events that bring the community together, was always the dream. And in the words of Gus, "The dream we had for this place, what we wanted to do, what we wanted it to be... that dream has died."

Although the dream may have died, let it be known it did not die without a fight. Constant battles with lawyers, lawsuits, family and even taking on expensive repairs to the building to keep the business open, ultimately led to the decision to close.  Closing a business because it is failing is one thing. Closing a business that has grown into an established success, due to an ongoing battle with family, makes this that much harder.

As the doors are locked for the last time, another family will be torn apart. A family that was built at Fischmans. Employees, customers, and everyone in the community was a part of what was considered family. The memories created here are memories that will live on forever. The friendships created here are friendships we hope will continue for years to come.

Gus and Shanna would whole-heartedly like to thank everyone for their support through the years. You helped make Fischmans the success it has become. From Tap This! to Kegs for Kidneys, Oktoberfest to Fischmas, each event was a success because of our Fischmans family.

Now as this chapter closes, a new one begins, and who knows what the future will bring. Fischmans may once again, Tap This!

Until the next time we raise a glass together…

“BDub”~ Brandon M Weninger
Brandon has worked with Fischmans since 2012 to help with special events, email marketing and maintaining the website… And occasionally ran around to push a camera in your face.

Gus and Shanna Karamaniolas
Fischman Liquors and Tavern


  1. Love you guys, sorry to see you go, stoked to see what you do next!

  2. This place is & will always be special! The beer selection was amazing. The events was for some of the best causes. The bar it self was old school with just the right twist of new school craft. I give my best to Gus & Shanna & all the staff which were beyond awesome.