North Cost Brewing Old Stock Ale: A Brew Review

Old Stock Ale
I wasn't sure what to expect the first time I went in for a taste on this one.  I guess I am still trying to ingrain into my head that Ale can have so many different varying levels of flavor and complexity.
The beer pours a deep dark, almost brown color (if you are looking at it in a low lit bar).  However, hold it up to the light and you will get a nice reddish hue that peaks through.  The off white head that holds for a bit on top is thick, and inviting.
Going in to catch the aroma, right away you will notice some dark fruits, a long with a strong sweet/roasted/burnt malt scent.  I noticed some caramel and brown sugar-esque scents as well.  Lastly, the alcohol is noticeable on the nose for this one.  It's not hidden at all.
The taste is not going to catch you off guard as many of the aromatic notes make themselves present as it rolls back on your tongue.  The sweetness comes through in those dark fruit notes and seems to be cut back a bit by the slight bitterness present from some hops.  I love beers where you can smell the presence of the alcohol in the form of a bourbon, etc. and yet the alcohol is only slightly present in the taste.  Just gives it a really pleasant smell, I feel without making it unbearable to drink.
Finally, if you don't like beers that have that heavy mouth feel, this might not be a beer for you.  If you don't know what I mean, it is similar feeling if you were drinking a glass of whole milk.  It is not a light feeling beer.  The malty goodness that is present in the beer give it that body, as well as flavor.

This one is another one I would come back to again and again.  I recommend giving it a try, you won't be disappointed.


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