Kwak... not Quack: A Brew Review

If I have to point out the most obviously interesting thing about this beer being the glass, then we need to sit down and have a little discussion.  The oddly hour-glass shaped glass is held up by its own wooden stand!  Now, most people might actually think that it is a little weird, but if you know anything about beer and how temperature can effect the taste, then you know that the wooden stand also serves as a way for you to keep your "hands off" the glass.  Your warm hands touching that thin neck would drop the temperature on this brew quick.

Look at how it is poured.  We served this at the tapping event last week and I heard a few customers noting that there was "too much head" and that they were getting less beer.  It isn't a mistake, and it's not that our bartenders didn't know how to properly pour the beer, its that that is how the beer is supposed to be served.  The glass is just over a 20 ounce glass and giving someone 4 ounces or so of head still gives them a pint or more.  The perspective, I guess, can be different from everyone!

On to the beer itself...

So, lets talk about the pour and the head it creates.  I mentioned above that the pour, into the traditional glass, will produce a significant amount of off-white head.  The glowing dark amber color calls to you from its wooden perch.  If it is served to you in this glass, just give it a good look before you dive in.

First wiff I took, I got a slightly sweet, caramel scent, with a subtly yeasty tone in the back.  When I took a sip, I noticed off the bat that it was a little thicker with an almost syrupy type quality to it.  The flavor isn't over powering, its just enough to make you want to come back for more.  There was some fruity/banana type flavors followed by a slight alcohol bite.

This one won't knock you off your butt right away, but at just shy of 8.5% alcohol, you will feel it after a couple!


  1. Since when is getting a lot of head a bad thing?

    This is a very tasty beverage. I wouldn't call it syrupy because you will scare potential drinkers away. I found it to be very thirst-quenching, and since I was very thirsty, I enjoyed several. You do not have to be a beer snob to enjoy this beer.